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The Electronic Acupuncture Pen (also called Handheld Electronic Acupen) is a great way to improve blood flow.

It is possible to use the electronic acupuncture pen on almost any part of the body.

The electronic acupuncture pen is a pain relief help.

The electronic acupuncture pen can also be used against all of the conditions due to a bad blood flow.


Electric acupuncture pen of the scope of application: It is applicable for pains in cervical vertebrae, shoulders, waist, feet, etc. Also serves as an aid to therapy for various diseases such as frozen shoulder, arthritis and neuromuscular pain. 

Easily focus on pain areas 

Stress relief and relaxation 

9 adjustable intensity controls 

Power supply: 1 x AA battery (not included) 

Output: 3.7V; 300mA ± 50mA 

Pulse frequency: 0.0.1-300Hz 

Pulse width: 100pS-320pS 


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