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During the day, it Tracks:

    -steps taken                               -calories burned
    -distance traveled                      -active minutes

At night, it tracks:

    -How long you sleep
    -how well you sleep
    -how many times you wake up

Silent wake alarm:

    -a vibrating alarm that wakes you at your desired time
      without disturbing your partner

LCD display:

     -daily data on your wrist
     -progress over time with graphs and charts
     -clock and date

Blue backlight:

     -light by tapping the watch surface

Built-in memory:

     -store 7 days data,just upload data to PC once a week

Rechargeble battery:

    -lasts approximately 7 days when fully charged

PC software:

     -sync data to your computer by USB cable
     -track your progress over time through easy-to-read  graphs
      and charts



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